With the help of the Pope and Princess Charlotte, Griffith takes over Midland without fear. : Mangamefi

Kentaro Miura writes and draws the Berserk comics, which are dark fantasy comics.

Guts and Guts, a single mercenary,

A lone mercenary and Griffith, the leader of a group of mercenaries called the Band of the Hawk,

are the main people in this gritty story about mercenaries.

The story takes place in a heaven that looks like medieval Europe.

The book is mostly about themes of community and being alone.

Along with the question of whether people are good or bad by nature,

because it talks about both the good and bad things about people.

The violence and sexual themes in both the anime and the manga have made them well-known.

Bloody manga gone mad
First, the Hawks are called heroes for their part in putting an end to the century-long

long-running war that has been destroying the state of Mid

Land until Guts decides to leave.

to go in his own direction. Griffith, on the other hand, is unable to reach his goal of becoming king.

Griffith starts drinking after he gets a year in jail for not being able to deal with his wife’s death.

chasing after Charlotte, the daughter of the King. Guts saved Griffith by helping the last Hawks members before they were banned.

Griffith is now a silent shell of the person he used to be. Since then, Griffith has changed a lot in how he looks.

ely damaged Griffith can’t handle the weight of knowing where his body is;

He gives his friend the behelit by accident, and his wants show that he has too much on his mind.

The Hawks follow this clue to a new dimension, where they meet four God Hand archdemons who are working for the Eclipse.

Griffith is told by the old spirits that he should hand over his army to the apostles.

who, like Zodd, have sold off humanity and the people they care about in order to get to the God Hand and use its ultimate power.

Griffith could become what he wanted to be in the long run.

This makes him the last member of the God Hand and the leader.

Guts and his loved one Casca are about to die, but the mysterious Skull Knight saves them.

He sees his fellow soldiers being killed in a cruel way.

Guts still has to watch his friends die in battle, though. After Griffith’s reincarnation, Femto, raped Griffith, Intestines lost an eye and an arm, and Casca went crazy.

Miura gave people the first Berserk comic to read in 1988.

When he got in touch with Farnese of the

Guts meets the Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church, who are a nightmare.

The torture ends with Griffith’s

finding out what kind of body one has. Griffith brings together a second Band of the Hawk,

Zodd and the other Apostles are called to serve.

Guts recruits C

With the help of his new friends, asca went to Elfhelm, the home of the elves, to stay safe.

Griffith says that the invasion of the Ushan must be stopped no matter what. how the Kushan emperor died

or and the combination of spiritual and

Natural realms are a sign that the

The Kushan empire was at war with Griffith, a rebellious apostle.

With the help of the Pope and Princess Charlotte, Griffith takes over Midland without fear.

of problems that come from either good or bad. In order to protect the people of Midland from the growing

He also builds the city of Falconia, which is attacked by strange creatures.

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