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How to Top Up GoPay Balance The Easiest Choice

How to upgrade your GoPay balance, choose the easiest , which can really be used as an option. GoPay itself is an electronic money service in the Gojek application. This payment service can be used to pay for services from Gojek such as GoSend, GoFood, GoCar etc.

In fact, you can make non-cash transactions to a business partner who has partnered with Gojek. The features of GoPay also have many examples, such as the feature of the joint venture. With the collaboration feature of using GoPay, you won’t bother when you pay when you’ve joined friends.

In addition to the joint venture highlights,  there are  Also GoPay Diary features.This GoPay Diary feature is a recap of transactions from GoPay for a whole month, so you can track where the money you actually top-up in the GoPay application is.Users who use GoPay as a transaction tool will receive reports once a month via email.

You don’t have to worry when you top your GoPay balance the easiest choice, because GoPay is committed to maintaining user safety. GoPay has a variety of technologies and continuous efforts to maintain the security of balance, exchange and personal information. Here’s how to get high up your GoPay balance.

How to Top Up GoPay Balance through drivers

You can easily adjust the balance to your conditions and needs;one way to up your GoPay balance is to get to the top through the driver.The maximum you can do is just IDR 10 thousand, of course a very light number.

If you want to top up through GoPay, you first have to make a Gojek order. You can order GoCar, GoRide or GoFood. Balancing up can’t just go to any driver like meeting the driver on the road and wanting to get high, but you have to make a statement.

After you make a command for one of the gojek’s services, immediately notify the driver if you want to transfer the GoPay balance. You can cash in on the amount of GoPay you want to transfer. If the driver says you have made the top, you can check if your balance has increased.

To check your balance, you can click on more main pages, then press the history button. Typically, in the entry box there is also a message if you have successfully balanced along with the amount specified. Be sure again when the balance is added.

Not like how to raise your GoPay balance, choosing another simpler , topping up the balance through the driver is free, so you can save more, other than adding the minimum balance for getting up from the driver is just iDR 25 thousand.

Topping Up GoPay Balance via Minimarket

In addition to toping your GoPay balance through the driver, you can also top up Your GoPay via minimarket. Gojek has partnered with several minimarkets to increase the balance, including Alfamidi, Alfamart, Dan + Dan, Pegadaian and Lawson. You can choose these minimarket s.

After reaching the minimarket, the way to depend on the GoPay balance, choosing the next easy one is to explainto the payer if you want to raise the balance for the customer, then show the number of handsets you use and register in the Gojek application. Adding the balance indicated through The minimarkets are different.

The choice of topping up the balance through minimarkets starts from IDR 20 thousand to IDR 500 thousand. After receiving the fee, pay as needed. To register through minimarket, you must pay the administrative fee of ONLY IDR 2 thousand.

Later, the depositor will up your account, before leaving the minimarket, ensuring again if your deposit balance has increased as you have paid. To check out, you can click on the main page or find more history.

Top Up GoPay Balance via bank

You can also top the balance from the bank, there are many banks you can use as an alternative to raising your balance. You can choose a bank based on the bank you are using today. Top up the balance can also come from ATMs, mobile banking and so on, here’s how to top the GoPay balance, the easiest choice in full :

  1. Through the BCA. You can top up through the ATM, select the transfer menu and then log into the BCA Gojek Virtual 70001 account followed by your mobile number, enter the amount you want to fill in and complete the payment. In addition, you can top up using One Klik, m-BCA, and Klik BCA.


  1. Through the Bank of Mandiri. If you have a Mandiri bank account, and want to top up using an ATM, you can choose a payment menu, then e-Commerce, and input a company password, like 60373, followed by a mobile phone number that has been registered on the application. In addition to using ATMs, you can also use internet services, as well as mobile banking.



  1. Through the BRI bank. If through a BRI bank, you can choose other transactions to buy, encrypt 301341 followed by your phone number.Don’t forget, enter the amount you want to write. Replenishment through BRI Bank can also use BRI mobile SMS, BRI Mobile Bank.


  1. How to upgrade your GoPay balance to choose the easiest through bnI bank.To go up stairs, you can choose a payment menu, and finally a miscellaneous payment, enter the 9003 code, the password is the Gojek company code, then enter your mobile phone number, finally enter the number of GoPay you want to top up. Topping up balances through Bank BNI can use Internet banking, and SMS banking.


  1. Through a diamond bank. If you go through the Bank Of Permata ATM, you can select the transfer menu, then go to your Permatabank account, and enter the company code. Gojek’s corporate password is 898 and is followed by a registered number. Enter the name and follow the instructions as per the screen.

Top Up from fellow GoPay users

The easiest way to top up Your GoPay balance is to top up from a fellow user; however, if you want to transfer money in conjunction with a fellow user, make sure you upgrade your account first, to upgrade your account is actually easy.

If you want to upgrade your account, in the GoPay menu section, you can click on more, then select the upgrade and upgrade now. Take a photo of the ID you have, and don’t forget to take a selfie with your identity card clearly. Click submit the document and you just have to wait for the next verification process.

If the verification process is successful, you will later be notified, by upgrading this account, the method at the top of the GoPay balance the easiest choice will become more diverse . If you want to depend on your fellow user, you can click on the payment. Then take the next step.

To make a transfer from a fellow user, you can enter a phone number or use a QR code.After choosing one of two, enter the name you want to send, and don’t forget to write a text or note. Click pay and enter your ID. Once the transfer is successful, you will be notified later,

GoPay provides convenience, moreover, how to sign up for GoPay is also easy, you just have to download the Gojek application, then you can use the service directly from GoPay. When you want to use it, don’t forget to check the data first so that the easiest way to top up your GoPay  balance will be more diverse.

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