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Is it true that the Grab Sibuba office at the Grab Sibuba office is the center of Grab ?

Would you like to explain the question of whether the Grab Sibuba office is the center of Grabbard? Companies are forced to set aside, so joining as a captive driver may be an option to earn an income.

Additionally, online motorcycle taxis itself have become an everyday lifestyle of metropolitan communities such as the Jabodetabk region. The fee earned by becoming a ‘ojo’ called a motorcycle taxi is also very appropriate to meet the daily requirements.  It’s no surprise you’re looking for information about whether it’s central.

The reason is that the registration and testing of potential drivers to become partners was carried out at the Cebuba office, especially not registered as a motorcycle taxi Drivers should prepare a variety of requirements before visiting the office, but according to the information, they need to register online to seek availability or registration quotas.

Know the correct office address for people who want to sign up for details or register others or go to the office with others. It’s not about whether  the Cibubur office is the center of Grab: Let’s check the correct address of Grab’s corporate headquarters.

Is it true that the Grab Sibuba office at the Grab Sibuba office is the center of Grab ?

Of course, the office located in the Cebubarup region of East Jakarta is a place for potential partners or drivers to register. The room is thought to have captured the office in Indonesia, but the office in the Cebubaru region seems to have been used only as a registration location, not a head office.

Many believe that acquiring the Cebuba office is accepted not only for registration but also for graph-related individuals; in fact, office activities only provide registration tests and tests on prospective drivers.

Where, then, is Grab Indonesia’s headquarters? The location of the headquarters office is J. Bundengan Hiller Number 114A, RT 13 / RW Hilir, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang Hilr, is located in the special metropolitan region of Jakarta, the capital of Central Jakarta, which is open from 08.00 to 17.00 daily.

Get the East Jakarta office of Cebu Station

The question  of whether the graph Cebuba office is the centre of the graph  is answered, if so the location of the graph office in the Cebuba region of East Jakarta For those who plan to register to become an arrested companion or a driver, you can go to the office in Cebu Bergentin.

The address was published in the J.C.A. in the Tamaulipas region of Willadatica. The Jamboree Number 1 is in Eastern Jakarta. When visiting for registration and testing, the Wiladatika Park entrance certificate is not required; the office in Sibuba is open daily from 08.00 to 16.00.

Make sure you’re searching first before you get there, and for simplicity, you can use Google Map with Taman Wiladatika East Jaakarta, because it can be a little hard for people who are not living in Jakarta to find this office.

Sign up online before heading to the Cebuba office

Before visiting the Grab Office location in Cebuba, you need to register online. The goal is to find and obtain registration allocation. Usually, services are not available if the allocation is full that day for those who are not registered online.

It is also quite easy to register online; contact the contact center via 021-80-648-777 to obtain rationing  Once the quota is enrolled, you will have to provide information about the day with the estimated hours to arrive there.

As one of the largest online motorcycle taxi companies in Indonesia, many people are surprised to be involved as drivers No, so these days the quota that will become a driver is full and you have to wait until days or even weeks.

the activities of the Grab Cibubur office

The answer  to the question of whether the graph Cebuba office is the center of the graph is  very clear: The office at Cebuba Google as the central office.

  1. Registration

As previously explained,  this tattoo is used  as a red RAC for motorists, not drivers  , and does not serve in the Grab Cibubur office for the registration of motorists.

  1. Pending complaints

Supend is given to drivers who violate rules or circumstances so that the account is blocked so that they cannot operate normally. You can complain about the problem of suspension to the room and you will be asked to re-examine it later, so you can use the account again.

  1. Account adjustments

This office also conducts account problems when it is locked, frozen or related to other problems, and you do not have to wait in line for services related to your account.

  1. Potential driving test

Potential drivers must also undergo a series of tests  , including  a safety test to test the ability to drive a vehicle. If this test fails, it will automatically fail to be a driver in the graph.

  1. Liquid Reinstallation

Announcements were made that day or the other day about graduating as an online motorcycle taxi driver on Grade. If you’re past, you can take the qualifications in that office.

 Again, it is not true whether the Grab Cibubur office is in the center of graph, so the Grab Cibubur office commissions the same services mentioned above, so you can visit the headquarters headquarters for service users who want to make complaints about other things.

Documents to be brought in at the time of office

To apply as a companion, you must bring some documents when visiting the arrest office in Cebuba, East Jakarta.

  1. Identity photocopy: KTP and KK must later be presented in a form of photo treatment.
  2. STNK’s Photocopy. Potential drivers must also collect photo of STNK from the vehicle that will be used during later surgery.License The plate must also be the same between the one on the motorcycle and the one registered because it will cause your account to be suspended.
  3. Physical health: Attach your health certificate to evidence that you are in good spiritual and physical health, and please note that there is a maximum age requirement for potential drivers aged 55.
  4. SIMC potential drivers already have a driver’s license as the main requirement for registration at the office.

Make sure that some important documents are brought above for those who plan to visit the Grab Cibubur office, and don’t be fooled by people who provide incorrect information other information via the official website.

Now you know the answer to whether the Grab Cibubur office is the center of Grab, and  we hope that the  Grab Cibubur office is useful to readers, especially those who plan to sign up as a partner.

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