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Contact Kai Call Center for Practical Restoration

You have bought a train ticket but intend to cancel it because of some business? Simply contact kai call center for a refund and get your money back easily. Using a rail transport option is the best option at the moment because of the convenience offered.

In addition to a simple booking procedure, customers are now also given the benefit of a refund option if a trip is not made. Despite these benefits, customers don’t feel at a loss due to the obstacles that arise when they want to travel by train.

Curious about how it should be to make a ticket refund that you’ve booked before? There are several ways users can try, namely using the official app from KAI or being able to come directly to the channel counter directly. Before contacting kai call center for a refund, it’s a good idea to follow these steps.

Placing an Order Through Kai Access

Not only with cancellation, this official KAI app can also be used to book travel tickets in practice. Without the need to wait in long lines or spend just as long booking through the station counter, check out the booking steps using Kai Access below.

  1. First, you need to register first. Select the “accounts” menu for the process.
  2. Then select the “homepage” menu and specify the type of train you want to use.
  3. The next step is to determine the city of origin and destination of the trip.
  4. Bookmakers are also required to include a departure date. The app also offers a round-trip ticket option to make it easier for customers. Feeling hard? Contact kai call center for  a refund for more information.
  5. Next step, the author of the books must fill the number of passengers (maximum 4 persons) provided that passengers under three years of age are classified as passengers of the infant group.
  6. After that, determine the train you want to use in full with class type, departure time, and price to be paid.
  7. Additionally, bookmakers need to fill in their personal data.
  8. The bookmaker then fills in the seat and car number as required. Make sure that the seat you booked is still empty and not set up by someone else.
  9. The final step is to make ticket payments. There are several payment options such as using a payment point system, via the LinkAja app, or transferring using ATM, E-Banking, or M-Banking.
  10. If you are experiencing a problem, you can immediately contact the kai call center for a refund or simply ask about the purchase procedure.

Cancellation of tickets using KAI Access

For customers who want to book their tickets, they can easily use a formal application from KAI. The following are the steps:

  1. Sign in to the KAI Access app

Step one, you need to first log into the program. If the user has not yet installed the app, the user can download it to Google Play or the App Store.

  1. Go to the delete menu

After the program is opened, the next step is to select the “delete” menu. On the menu, the ticket you booked earlier will be displayed, then proceed by choosing which ticket to cancel.

  1. Enter ticket info menu

Before you decide to contact kai call center for a refund, it would be best for you to try the following method. After accessing the deletion menu, proceed to select the “ticket info page” menu. There you will be presented with a display of passenger data. Then select the name you want to delete along with bank account details as a way to refund the fee.

  1. Confirmation of deletion

After passengers are identified and a bank account has been selected, the refund process can proceed by confirming the cancellation. Just click on the “Cancel Tickets” option to monitor the process. But before you finish the process above, you need to first make sure that all the data is filled in correctly.

  1. View history details

Checking the deletion history in detail needs to be done before logging into the program. To check the deletion history, you just need to select the “History Information” menu and then check the details on existing pages.

Deletion of tickets in a manual manner

In addition to the above techniques, it is a good idea for customers to also know the steps to cancel tickets that have been purchased through the manual procedure. Before deciding to contact kai call center for a refund, there is nothing wrong with trying the following instructions.

  1. Visit the Train Station

Since this procedure includes guidance, the ticket holder must go to the nearest railway station. Generally, the center will submit several conditions before making a refund such as booking number, author identification, and copy of identity.

  1. Completing Passenger Statistics

After visiting the nearest facility, then the bookkeeper can find a customer service section. The CS will then provide a form that will later be required to be filled out by the submission party.

The application process itself is also performed at a special deletion counter. The returning party is also required to complete the figures based on the form which contains two copies, namely ticket data and passenger data. Problems with procedures provided? Contact kai call center for a refund if you need more information.

  1. Visit the Counter for a Refund

The next step is to request a refund at the counter that is already available. Here the counter officer will offer two refund payment options, namely through bank transfers or cash withdrawals. For both options, the search time is many 30×24 hours since you started taking care of the deletion.

  1. Receiving Refunds

The next step is to receive the appointment amount based on the ticket you cancelled earlier. But before visiting the counter, make sure you bring the previously issued form from the counter officer based on the previous process.

You need to know that the amount of nominations issued by KAI certainly does not reach 100%. If you are curious as to why this is the case, please contact the kai call center for a refund and get information related to it.

Restoration via Call Center

In 2020, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) provided convenience related to the process of cancelling and retrieving tickets ordered by previous users. The process is currently less than three days away. But they urged that customers should use an online system for such presentations.

In addition, the restoration applicant must also update the KAI Access program that they have. The app update process can be done by locking it on the Play Store or App Store to get the latest version of the app. You can get more complete information by contacting the kai call center for a refund.

The next step is equivalent to the points described above, i.e. through identity registration based on the figures described in the initial booking figures. The customer then enters the deletion menu and fills in the account number for the package transfer process.

Many people are now beginning to be attracted to using PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s services. In addition to the increasing quality of care provided, some updates, especially refunds, are also being simplified. For those who need more information, simply contact the kai call center for a refund at 021-121 or email

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