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The most complete Oppo Service Center contacts and addresses throughout Indonesia

Information about the O ppo service center is important for you to know, especially if you already use the brand’s smartphone. In Indonesia, many people are familiar with the company founded in 2004. Many people choose to use Oppo for reasons of its camera quality. The camera quality of this brand is perceived by users as very good and no less competitive than other well-known brands.

Oppo has a very accurate sales strategy, so the development of this company is quite good. In this era, the habit of taking photos and taking selfies has become everyone’s daily activity. By providing the best camera quality, Oppo has succeeded in attracting the attention of many people, especially from young people and women.

Many daily activities require the highest quality mobile phones. This is the main attraction of this smartphone. In addition to the quality of the camera, the price offered is also not as expensive as other world-class brands. So, those who have a not too big budget prefer to buy this type of mobile phone. You will experience firsthand the awesomeness of OPPO’s features after trying it out.

For purchases, it can be done on various mobile phone stores both offline and online. Make sure that before buying it, you already know the specifications in depth so as not to make the wrong choice. Adjust the specifications of the selected mobile according to your daily needs such as paying attention to RAM size, internal memory, camera quality and some other things.

After purchasing a smartphone, you also need to find support information while using a mobile phone. One of the most important pieces of information is about the contact and address of the Oppo service center around the residence. This information is important to know, so you do not get into trouble if the smartphone is broken or other complaints . Below is complete information for you to record and also understand.

Oppo Service Center  Jabodetabek regional contact list  and its address

For those of you Oppo users who live in the DKI Jakarta area and its surroundings or commonly known as Jabodetabek, you don’t need to worry about the difficulty of finding the best service center. In the region there are many official places to repair this brand of smartphones that can be easily found. You can check in advance which office is closest to where you live.

DKI Jakarta area almost entirely has offices in each area, namely Central Jakarta, Jakarta utara  area, Jakarta  t imur area and elatan area  of  Jakarta. For Jakarta,  the city section   is located in ITC Cempaka Mas, 6th Floor with the number 021 4228339. If it is East Jakarta, you can go directly to PGC or Cililitan Wholesale Center on Jalan Dewi Sartika No 353 or call 021 22855204.

Oppo North Jakarta Service Center is located at Ruko Pluit Village No 54 which is exactly Jalan Raya Pluit Permai, Penjaringan District. You can also contact by phone to 021 6682788.   Service Centre is the most suitable choice for those of you living in South Jakarta as it is located on Jalan Ciledug Raya No 8 and can be contacted on 021 7379168.

The cities of Bogor and Depok also have official places to fix  this brand of mobile phones. The first location is Bogor Trade Mall Level 2 which can be found in two blocks. You can get to Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 68 directly by phone 0251 7546182, while the Depok area is located on Jalan Margonda Raya, exactly Saladdin Square Block C Complex and contact 021 29318769 or 0251 7546182. If you’re confused, you can immediately view the location guide through Google Maps.

Oppo Service Center Java regional address and contact list

The Java region is usually divided into several parts, namely Jabodetabek, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Zone and East Java. Java is the most densely populated island in Indonesia which certainly has more adequate facilities than other islands. Therefore, you will find it easier to find an official mobile phone repair place in the Java region.

The Java Island region  has several Oppo serviced offices located in most of its cities. If you are a Bandung resident, you can go directly to Bandung Electronics Center Palace on the UG floor or call 022 20510111. In the Cherebon area, it is located on Jalan Cipto Mangunkusumo, namely Ruko CSB Mall Gold Sunset 0231 82913. Residents of Garut can visit Garut Hyper Square or call 0262 2802967.

Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Zone are located quite close. In these two areas, you can find Oppo’s service centers  even easier because there are quite a few of them. For Jogja, the venue is in Jogjatronik Shopping Center on Jalan Brigjend Katamso. Almost every region in Central Java has places to repair as the example of Ruko Murni Blok C &D for the Semarang area is the phone number 024 3584020.

The city of Surabaya has the highest number of repair centers per consumer. One of them is in Pakuwon Supermal or Mall and can be contacted on 031 7390363. For those in Banyuwangi, you need to go to Jalan Brawijaya Karangete number 141 by phone 0333 4465548. The Sidoarjo area also has a smartphone repair center at Suncity Mall Block B Shophouse and phones 99707438 031.

Oppo Nusa Tenggara and Bali Service Centers Their contact lists and addresses

On the island of Bali, there are two places that can help you repair various damages of oppo smartphones. The first place is in Denpasar, namely Jalan Teuku Umar No. 28, 2nd floor. In addition to direct access, there is another way, which is to contact 0361 4743289. Second place is Buleleng Jalan Ahmad Yani Barat Blok C or call 0362 3303077.

Nusa Tenggara is divided into two parts, namely East Nusa Tenggara or commonly abbreviated as NTT and West Nusa Tenggara abbreviated as NTB. The two sections are not on the same island. West Nusa Tenggara has famous cities such as Mataram, Bima and Sumbawa. In each of these cities there are their own repair centers.

Mataram residents can find it on Jalan Pejanggik No 30, Cakranegara Barat. Before going to see him, there is another way to call 0370 6172678. Jln. Dr. Wahidin No. 20 with phone number 0371 2620174 can only be accessed by Oppo Sumbawa consumers. For those of you who are in Bima, you need to visit the Jalan Pintu Gate, exactly in front of Merdeka Square, tel. 0374 6647341.

Oppo Service Center Sumatra regional contact list and its address

The official repair offices in the Sumatra island area are spread quite widely from the north pole, namely Aceh to Lampung. Each province has its own place for every consumer around to visit. The city of Aceh has repair sites on Jalan Teuku Panglima Polem No 178A and 178B. Contact with the City of Aceh repair agency can be done by telephone on 0651 35353.

The next city is Padang by visiting Pattimura Street No. 20, which is exactly the shophouse on the second floor. For those of you who would like to contact the agent prior to arrival, you can call 0751 893195. Palembang also has an Oppo service center on Palembang Jalan Angkatan Square 45 with the phone number 0711 5730235. Before arriving at the location, you can call the number to confirm a few things first.

Lampung is an area located in the south of the island of Sumatra that has more than one place for you to visit if you have a smartphone problem. First place is Jalan Jendral Sudirman No 66, Bandar Lampung with tel 0725 78558434. Next is Jalan Cut Nyak Dien, Bandar Lampung has the number 0721 5603910.

The contact information as well as the address of this repair site you need to keep in mind so that you do not have difficulty finding it when necessary. You should visit these places for the first time when you encounter difficulties or damage because oppo service center is the best and most reliable.

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