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DBS Information and Call Center iWesbite officer

Understand the  importance  of accessing the most comprehensive DBS information and call center that customers can find.It’s developing together and with customers It is a concern to realize the responsibility of having good relationships: the convenience of the service and access to customer service information as a form of transparency  Top priorities.

As a bank born and raised in Asia, it already understands the challenges facing the market: following a variety of circumstances and conditions Not surprisingly, adaptability is easier, and it always gives us the urge to keep improving our quality and service.

This includes providing services by deploying the website as a center for accurate information and updates. A variety of factors can be found intermittently, providing CS and even telephone service so that information is easier to obtain as needed.

Overview of DBS Group in  Indonesia

Discussing  the DBS Information and Call Center is incomplete unless you know the  profile.DBS is particularly well known financially in the Asian region Having its headquarters in Singapore currently has over 18 markets where development is highly unique.

DBS was first established in 1968 under Singapore’s legal government as a financial institution. Travel is not easy, so that travel is not easy, and in times of ongoing confrontation, experience and changes make DBS more professional and reliable.

Winning multiple awards from admitting countries in Asia makes DBS more broadly and confident by customers.The commitment to maintain good relationships with customers makes us Sun In addition to focusing on socio-economic development, improving public living standards, and improving their livelihoods.

Continue to improve the quality of service by developing information technology. We have the most complete DBS accessible by customers on the official website The information and call center  is provided.Information delivered by technology to provide easy service for all customers is now increasingly open.

Information available on the DBS official website

Searching for a full DBS coverage and call centre is  actually very easy because everything is available on https://www.dbs.com/indonesia/bh/about-us/default.page the official website.The web address is:  Then you will find the information you need;  in fact, if you don’t have much time, please see the brief explanation of the features below.

  1. Information about DBS

There is a feature that provides information about DBS in an eye including the early history of its founding.Fact about awards and credentials There is other information available in the first feature, about the ranks and management of commissioners as managers of the DBS bank.

  1. Investor information

Noting the  importance of Inv Etor’s role, we present information about investors on the pages of the website. Financial statements are always prepared to be accessible, and other reports are also available at corporate governance, annual reports and basic interest rates.

  1. Newsroom

There is a newsroom feature on the official DBS website submitted to the DBS Information and Call Center. In addition to awards and other general information, most of the news is presented in English, not only in Indonesia but as an Asian bank.

  1. DBS Foundation

Particularly to focus on social impact in Asia and continue to transform social and economic development. In addition to creating an entrepreneurial development program in various countries, such as Indonesia, China and Hong Kong, it is easier to develop. It also creates a program.

DBS select the types of products offered by DG Bank

Digicbank at DBS provides a great selection of products, deposits, loans and investment for customers. You are the most complete DBS coverage A brief explanation of the product, which is intended to be used as a potential illustration of Digitbank customers, is as follows:

  1. Collections

There is no need to disrupt the opening of a savings account now that customers can either turn up or do it without interfering with the sign-up.A credit card Money can be withdrawn at any ATM without administrative fees by using: there are also Massey savings, where interest rates are too large, Their interest rates are too big, paying double the yield.

  1. Credit card

Digibank also provides credit card products that provide easy transactions anywhere. The security of transactions is very focused on us with the guarantee of fees or taxes.Enjoy credit card services.

  1. Investment

DBS offers a range of profitable investment options from DBS

  1. Deposits with interest rates of 4.5% a year.
  2. Interested forex deposits reach 5% a year.
  3. Various mortgage options start from Rp. so you can adjust in your pocket.
  4. Loan

Contact  our service for the call center regarding  full DBS  coverage and 24-hour open loans.

  1. KTA online borrowing is very easy with online application, cheap interest and a rapid meltdown.
  2. Cashline loan products are eligible to arrange a holiday or arrange hasty killer funds.
  3. there are up to 300 million KTA.
  4. Donations

It is easy for customers to enjoy payments by using Digibank with the DBS application. Transfers at any time are business purposes In addition, shipping is free for Hong Kong, Singapore, the Americas, Canada, and many other countries.

24-hour DBSI customer care service for Indonesian customers

Customer comfort is  an important thing that is always considered a long-term  investment  , so we have the most comprehensive DBS accessible by customers with every information The call centre is always open. You can access DBSI’s customer care services 24 hours daily without  any day for the holidays    It can be used for long periods of time.

  1. First method

Customer Center 080 415 327 or +621 298 52 5888, especially outside Indonesia, calls customer centers 080 415 327 or +6221 298 52 8888 The missing card must call 1 especially for DBS credit card customers or for loan number 1 with the end. If you don’t have the information listed in Digitbank Press 3, please click 9.

  1. Second Method

If the customer does not press any number, it can be followed up by contacting customer service officer service.The strategy supports credit card data Press to tell customer service from DBS providing information about loan services to communicate with provided customer service. 1, 2.

As the best bank  on ASIA, it openly  provides information on the official website so it can be accessed online Information about us is presented with a variety of features and service products for customers.  Get the call center on our website immediately via the website.


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