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 Here is the last Bukalapak call center to submit complaints

For those of you who are having problems or want to know the latest information, here is the Bukalapak call center by phone and social media that you can contact. This integrated information services center of one of the largest e-commerce applications in Indonesia actively serves consumers for 24 hours. Thus, you do not need to hesitateto contact the Bukalapak call center if you encounter any problems during your purchases.

Indeed, the Bukalapak team will help manage obstacles, complaints, criticisms and suggestions from consumers. This is Bukalapak’s commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction related to shopping through online media. Thus, the Bukalapak team will respond quickly to all complaints or complaints from consumers.

The importance of the role of the Bukalapak call center in the eyes of consumers

The call center or integrated information center alerted by this company is responsible for responding, finding solutions and responding to the aspirations of all consumer complaints or complaints. Therefore, call centers play an important role in maintaining consumer confidence in the use of company products.


It’s the same with Bukalapak. One of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia, it provides a call center that is active 24 hours a day in 7 days. There are 3 ways to connect to Bukalapak’s call center services. First, you can use the interactive phone service.


Secondly, you can send messages via social media or email. And thirdly, you can directly use the Open Help menu available in the app. Here is the Bukalapak call center that you can use when you encounter problems or problems while shopping at Bukalapak.


Thus, you can choose the call center service that was provided by the Bukalapak team. Try to choose the services of the Bukalapak call center based on the type of complaints you feel when you shop.

Types of consumer complaints from Bukalapak and should contact the call center

Bukalapak is indeed one of the applicators of the market that always responds to all complaints and comments from consumers. All complaints from Bukalapak consumers were immediately handled correctly. Therefore, these are the types of complaints that need to be resolved by contacting the Bukalapak call center. Among them are the following:

  1. Orders that don’t come

It is indeed quite disturbing if the order package does not come. For this reason, consumers need clarity regarding the order package that has been purchased. So here is the Bukalapak call center that you need to contact. In addition to contacting the Bukalapak call center, you should also contact the delivery person. The goal is for you to get more detailed information about the packages.


  1. Incompatibility of purchased products

The Bukalapa k call centeralso serves as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Sometimes buyers get the impression that there is fraud committed by the seller. Thus, the buyer submits a complaint to the call center. And the call center will forward consumer reports to the relevant departments for the investigation process.


  1. Obstacles when removing balance

Sometimes sellers or sellers in Bukalapak often find it difficult to withdraw the balance from the sales results. This may be due to applications that are undergoing maintenance or other factors. This is the Bukalapak call center that you need to contact so that the balance of the sales funds can be immediately disbursed to the seller’s account.


  1. Do not get promotional benefits

If consumers do not enjoy the benefits of the organized promotion, you can contact the call center. Because, there are several factors that make consumers not enjoy the benefits of promotions organized by Bukalapak. For more details, you can ask directly at the Bukalapak call center.

Here is the Bukalapak call center via interactive phone and social media that is active 24 hours a day

To submit complaints, complaints, reviews and suggestions after making purchases at Bukalapak, you can contact the app’s call center directly. Bukalapak is very open if there are consumers who want to submit complaints or suggestions.


No wonder the Bukalapak call center is available in the form of interactive phones for social media. In fact, in the Bukalapak app, there is also a call center service ready to help you find solutions to complaints or problems encountered.


You can choose the types of call centers that have been alerted by the Bukalapak team. If the complaint or problem you are experiencing is urgent, the Bukalapak interactive telephone call centre should be contacted.


You can call (021) 50813333. This interactive phone from Bukalapak is available 24 hours a day to help consumers who encounter problems when shopping at Bukalapak.


And if you encounter complaints that are not urgent or want to convey reviews and suggestions, you can contact Bukalapak’s call center via social media.


You can send a direct message (DM) via bukalapak’s Twitter account in @BukaBantuan. In addition to sending direct messages (DMs), you can also provide feedback that Bukalapak’s social media team will respond to later.


In addition, you can also submit complaints via email or email. And here is the bukalapak email call center in For the subject of the message, please write down the complaint you feel when shopping in Bukalapak. Then, attach evidence in the form of images, videos, or screenshots.


Comparison of call centers provided by Bukalapak

As a type of app  for online shopping, Bukalapak  also alerted a call center ready to serve consumers for 24 hours in 7 days. Thus, you can report problems on weekends and are always served by the support provided by Bukalapak.


Several consumers compare the performance of the Bukalapak call center. On average, consumers consider Bukalapak’s call center service via this interactive phone connection to be more responsive.


Indeed, the service via this interactive telephone connection is usually intended for urgent complaints. Thus, the agent will provide solubility measurements. Tidak wonder if it is the Bukalapak call center that is always busy dealing with user complaints.


However, you are charged a call fee to contact the Bukalapak call center via this interactive phone. So, make sure you have enough credit to contact Bukalapak’s integrated information center.


Some consumers also mentioned that submitting complaints via social media such as Twitter and email takes longer. This is because Bukalapak’s call center agents via social media are also responsible for responding to direct messages (DMs) from other consumers.


Thus, the completion process takes longer than using an interactive phone call center. It’s just that there are no fees that need to be incurred to contact the bukalapak call center via this social media. So here is an alternative Bukalapak call center if you can’t contact the agent via an interactive phone line.


Bukalapak is one of the largest market applications in Indonesia. It is therefore not surprising to have many call centres to facilitate the submission of complaints or complaints by consumers. For this reason, this is the Bukalapak call center that you can contact when you have difficulty making your purchases.

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