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ASUS Service Center Indonesia, here are 5 repair services

Asus Service Center Indonesia continues to strive to improve its services. This is consistent  with N-ASUS products that have become the favorites of  the Indonesian people  . As the number of Indonesians using ASUS products is increasing, more and more people need the Asus Service Center.

Asus products are famous for their efficient quality at affordable prices. But in general electronics becomes longer and more likely to experience a decrease in performance. Performance deterioration can occur for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is due to the use of non-compliance with the procedure. Therefore, if you have an electronic device,  use it according to the installedadvantage edur.

Apart from the decrease in performance, damage can occur to an electronic device because it is time for the components to be replaced. Damage is also often caused due to misbehaviour performed by the user. For example, falling into the water or charging the battery for a long time.

The need for enough space to repair ASUS devices presents Asus Asus Service Center Indonesia as a solution. So those of you who own the Asus device don’t have to worry if you experience damage. Come to the Asus Service Center and your problem will be handled properly.

5 ASUS Service Center Repair Service Center Indonesia

The services offered by the ASUS Service Center are very diverse. Services provided to meet the massive needs of consumers. If you are a user  of the A sus device, you should know what services are offered.  Here are the 5 services offered by Asus Service Centers in Indonesia:

There are already many types of mobile phones marketed by Asus. No matter what kind of damage you experience, you can take your cell phone to a service center for treatment. For example, there are many improvements that can be made to change the LCD, change the charger, and more.

In case of damage to the laptop battery, it can also be repaired at the ASUS service center. Although asus products have good quality, of course, it is impossible to avoid product damage. Similarly, with Asus laptop batteries, it can be damaged by various factors. These factors include using a laptop while charging for a long time.

One of the most frequent damages is that the laptop gets overheated.  Using it for a long time with  a large RAM user  will usually cause the laptop to heat up quickly. Overheating can trigger damage to the components on the laptop. The damage caused by overheating can also be repaired in Indonesia, the ASUS service center.

Hard drive errors can also be fixed in the ASUS Service Center. An error hard drive will make your laptop unusable. For that, repair your laptop immediately if there is an error in the hard disk. If it is not handled immediately, it can cause your data to disappear.

Softaware damage can be repaired through ASUS service centers. The Asus Service Center was actually created to solve every problem that occurs with Asus devices. So almost any kind of damage to ASUS devices can be handled. This is a form of Asus’ commitment to provide the best service to the people of Indonesia.

Asus device repair  or cancellation costs

When carrying out repairs at the ASUS service center, if the product is outside the warranty, a fee will be charged. Or in the event of damage caused by user negligence, such as falling down from the pocket of the pants pocket, the LCD is broken. So you have to be careful in using your device, so you don’t have to spend money on repairs.

For repair costs, it is only charged Rp. 150,000. This does not include whether there is a replacement for the components. In the event of a component replacement, the cost will increase due to the cost of the converted components. Asus Service Center Indonesia also uses a Rp50,000 fee to cancel repairs.

Itr 50,000 cancellation fee is charged for the cost during the damage test. For those who use ASUS devices, you need to use the device appropriately. It does not require you to make repairs so that your device does not get damaged quickly.

Terms for making a warranty claim

There are applicable rules  to be able to declare the products that warrant an im.  Perhaps this is not only asus products, but other products also apply certain conditions to the warranty policy provided. This is certainly implemented in order to avoid fraud committed by users to obtain a warranty.

The first mandatory condition is that the Asus product is still within a predetermined warranty time. A warranty cannot be made if it has been violated. Such arrangements are inviolable. So once the warranty period of your Asus device expires, you don’t have to think about making a warranty in case of damage.

Secondly, the warranty card is still owned. Even if you’re still your Asus device under warranty time, but if the warranty card is lost, the warranty cannot be made. For that, keep the warranty card careful so that it is not lost. So if you need it one day, you can use it to claim a warranty.

The third condition is that the damage caused is not due to misuse. An example of utility damage is like a broken screen due to a fall. That kind of thing cannot be guaranteed. If you want to fix it, you need to use your own money. The warranty can be carried out in case of damage in normal use or if there is a defect in the product.

The next conditionis that it is a purchase bill.  In  order to obtain a warranty from the Asus service center, Indonesia, a purchase bill may be required. The purchase bill will be used by the ASUS Service Center to verify the purchase date. In that way no customer fakes the purchase date to obtain the warranty.

Call Center ASUS Service Center Indonesia

For those of you who have complaints related to Asus products, you can contact the call center via the number 1500 128. At 09:00-17:00 for  hours operating monday to friday.  Call Center applies to all ASUS products such as notebook type products, Eee PCs, handhelds, LCD monitors, Eee Box/Eee Top, wireless & network devices, motherboards, and graphics cards.

If you experience technical issues with using Asus products, you can use call centers to answer questions. If you are interested in Asus products and would like to learn more, you can also contact the call center. You will receive a valid response by contacting the call center. Because the responding party is directly from Asus.

For more information, the call centre will be open only from Monday to Friday during a pandemic like now. For operating times, it starts from 09:30-17:00. However, in some authorized service partners,  this is still the norm.  For those who need more information about asus products, you can ask through the call center provided.  If you want to purchase Asus products you can use the information obtained from the call center as a quote.

Asus never wanted to disappoint its consumers. So Asus  is focusing more on the services offered to its consumers.  One of them is the ASUS Service Center by providing a service center with adequate services such as Indonesia  .

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