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Apra  Revolt in  West Java in 1950 had a purpose

The APRA uprising  in  West Java in  1950 had a  considerable  purpose.   Various parties have called the uprising one of the bloodiest  events in west  Java   province. At that time, there was a  large-scale murder, which took a lot of  victims.

Previously there were different types of attacks. This included attacks in Sulawesi.  By  1950,  massacres had taken place in  west  Java province.   The attack was led directly by Captain  Westerling.   He and APRA (The Fair Queen’s War Force) along with 800 men viciously committed various types of cruel acts.

 APRA’s Heinous Insurgency in  West Java

The bloody attack  on the victims of APRIS members was led by Piere Westerling.   In 1950 the attack took place. This  was done exactly in  January  ,  on the  23rd.   Reports say that Westerling had 500 thousand soldiers who formed a secret organization.

It was delivered directly by JM Verburgh, who is the Police Inspector of the Netherlands. Reports were received and said that the secret organization was called Ratu Adil Persatuan Indonesia.   Meanwhile, the organization has armed units.   This is called APRA.

The APRA uprising  in  West Java in  1950 had specific objectives. When he was formed, Westerling contacted the  commander-in-chief of the Dutch army, named Buurman Van Vreeen.   The meeting was organized by Westerling to  discuss the plan of  rebellion in  the government of President Sukarno.

Finally, when 1950 was on  January 5, Piere Westerling  sent his ultimatum to RIS.   In essence, he called for RIS to respect states such as the State of Pasundan. He also demanded that RIS recognize that APRA is an armed force and serves as a Pasundan army.

However,  it appears that the ultimatum has not been answered.   In the end, he decided to stage a coup d’état.   Westerling and his followers shot dead the army they found.   Some of his troops, along with Sergeant Meijer, were launched into the city of  Jakarta to make arrests against Soekarno.

Apra Revolt  in  West  Java in 1950 d.Hr.

This massive uprising in the province of West Java  occurred after Indonesia became independent.   Resistance continued in various places until, one day, Indonesia gained its independence with  its own hands.

However, it seems that various disputes or problems arose after the declaration of independence.  In fact,  the APRA Rebellion in  West  Java in 1950 had quite a lot of  purpose.

  1. Maintaining RIS

The Dutch colonizers and the Republic of Indonesia held various negotiations and have  always been the parts of the Republic of Indonesia that  often achieve losses.   For example, when negotiations such as Linggarjati and Renville took place, but it turned out that  the  Dutch  side  denied this.

Different parties have carried out guidelines for the Republic of Indonesia.   However, there are also those who want RIS to remain.   They are supporters of APRA.   The supporters of the unitary state  were  eventually incapable of the APRA side

  1. Netherlands wants to be safe in Indonesia

The APRA uprising  in  West Java in 1950  was also aimed at keeping  the Dutch  safe  in Indonesia.   The existence of these colonizers in Indonesia seems to have given them a large profit.   They receive funds from colonies to live.

Of course, the benefits were obtained by the Dutch side  in various fields.   The APRA rebellion  was also carried out as a way out to  maintain its position in Indonesia.

  1. Pasundan states can be maintained

Denythe Federal Pasundan ra is  actually part of the RIS.   The location is in the  Province  of West Java.   The Dutch did it to support him along with people who were not  on the side of the Republic of Indonesia. This was done with a simple promise to the Indonesian people.

  1. Establishment of a federal state

The APRA uprising in  West  Java in 1950 was aimed at  establishing a federal state in the country.   This is  the  main purpose  of the establishment of APRA.   This is done by killing various important parts to launch the action.

  1. Defending the Army on your own

The Dutch also wanted to have their own troops in their state. The right to freedom to govern the territory. Those who join APRA are soldiers who are not accepted into APRIS because they lack the requirements. So, APRA will be used as the main army in the Pasundan state.

Sadistic insurrection of APRA

The APRA uprising  in West Java  in  1950 had a very sadistic purpose.   This rebellion left a very deep wound. Bandung is like the town of Mati in the early 1950s.   Early in the morning, exactly on January 23, 1950, the troops moved to  various posts in the town of Bandung.

The soldier  is  the  leader of Raymond Westerling, queen of APRA.   The movements continued to be carried out by APRA forces.  They walked, stepped on Moors, jeeps and more. These soldiers will rebel against  civilians  , confiscate property and carry out various types of torture.

The inhabitants of Bandung were horrified.  All stores are closed.   All the inhabitants tried to save themselves from the rebel forces . The soldiers continued to disarm  everyone they met on  the  Cimindi road to Cibereum.    All the APRIS members they found were killed.

Nor did  the staff who were ready to head to their respective bases escape their cruelty.   Westerling and  his men never wanted  to shoot the APRIS soldiers he met  .   Not only were they hoardeduh of being shot, the APRIS soldiers  were even hacked like animals.

Their violent actions  killed at least 61 TNI soldiers.   The APRA uprising in West Java  in  1950 was aimed at benefiting the Dutch side, as well as making uh 18 civilians innocent.   In fact, none of the members  of  APRA   was a victim .   This incident caused Bandung to become like a dead city.

APRA’s ACK’s Acknowledgemental Over The Prosecutionn YaNg Heartbreaking

The heartbreaking incident  in Bandung was also acknowledged by APRA.   The group   admitted to having carried out various types of removal of military figures to civilian figures in Bandung.

In fact, Westerling is really eyeing several important figures in  west  Java province.  These figures include  Colonel Sadikin, Lieutenant Soetoko as deputy chief of staff of  the Siliwangi  Division, and Major Mohamad Rivai as head of military intelligence  to military governor  IV  West Java.

The other four  are Lieutenant Colonel Sentot Iskandardinata, Lentan Colonel Dr. Errie Sudewo, who is the Chief  of Staff of the Siliwangi Division, Sudjono, who is a member of pasundan  state  parliament  but  is a pro-Pasundan state RI parliamentarian  , and CPM Major Roehan Roesli.  The assassination plan  was carried out by offering  poison to 7 people.

But attempts  to kill by mixing poisons in their drinks apparently failed to be carried outn. This  is because one of the members knew of the  plan at APRA, which was very atrocious.   Eventually, they planned to conduct a live video.   However,  it  also did not work, as each of the targets managed to escape.

APRA’s  atrocious  actions may  be a dark history for the Indonesian nation. In the post-independence era, various forms of rebellion took place, causing Indonesia to falter.   The  APRA uprising in  West Java in  1950 was aimed at weakening the Republic of Indonesia and destroying its government.

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